An Inspiring Environment

Davara International School is  beautiful, with well-equipped facility, the highest quality.

The school is spread over 8 acres of land to provide large play areas and a variety of premium amenities. This, combined with a rich programme of co-curricular activities, allows for a completely holistic schooling experience. Built to high standards, the school features spacious classrooms that are supported by a variety of state-of-the-art facilities.

Services and Facilities
Information and Communication Technology Laboratories

The fully networked ICT laboratories are equipped with the latest computers and other state of the art IT applications, including interactive learning tools and also offer Internet connectivity.

Our computers are all high grade TFT screen units with ancillary printers and are carefully monitired. Each child has his own work-station and access to an individual computer for hands-on practice. Our teaching aids are also consistently upgraded to facilitate awareness and knowledge.

Science Laboratories

The school has purpose built, fully equipped science laboratories that are modern and safe. The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer. For better administration every room has c.c tv camera installed.

Library / Resource Centre

              Library: The school has its own library where the books, journals magazines, periodicals from all branches of  education, news papers etc. Are made available to the students of all classes with a spacious reading room.A well resourced library enables students to enrich and expand their horizons. The DIS library has a vast and diverse collection of books for children of all levels. It is constantly expanding its resource centre stocked with books, journals, videos, DVD's and audio cassettes.



Arts / Crafts Centre

Davara  International School believes in bringing out the creative best in its pupils. The well-equipped Art & Craft Centre contains a variety of art and music equipment, as well as facilities for dance and drama. Children are encouraged to develop their skills and talents from an early age.


Sports Facilities

Davara International School has a variety of sport fields to encourage specialised learning in various outdoor activities. In addition there is a spacious multi-purpose hall and swimming pool as well. The school has spacious play ground for many kinds of games like football, volleyball, cricket, basketball, tennis etc. And facilities for indoor sports like table tennis, badminton, carrom, chess, P.T, yoga and karate. Which are equally important in building carrier of the student as the “Sound Mind in a Sound Body” is rightly said since times immemorial.


Multi-Purpose Hall

Abhimanch is a multipurpose hall where DIS students will proudly showcase their varied talents honed at school.